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REX Control System

With REX Control System you can use Raspberry Pi + PIO, together, as a PLC. You design your algorithm putting function blocks in a sheet, then you compile, you downloads and monitors your system in a very easy way. The next figure show you an example.

REX Control System example

The function block 'CNB_GREEN LED 1' turn on the green Led 1 of the PIO interface. The function block 'BIS_BLINK_GREEN_LED_2' makes blinking the green Led 2. The graphical block 'OR_1' puts his 'Y' output in ON or OFF conditions following the truth table of the OR logic function (the output is ON when at least one input between U1 and U2 is ON). This digital value is the command to the red Led of the PIO interface.

The function block 'ADD' makes the sum  between 'Value_1' and 'Value_2', than comes divided by 2 from the 'DIV' block function to calculate the average. Depending from the state of push button, the 'y' output of the 'SSW' block assumes the value of 'u1' or 'u2'. The relay 1 is driven by the state of PIO push button.

The REX Control System function blocks library provides many functions for calculating mathematical and logical functions that allow you to implement any control algorithm for all technical needs.

REX Control System is very powerful and versatile in the management of the debugging tasks. As you can see from the next figure you can see in real time the values of the input and output of all function blocks in order to understand how it evolves the flow of information.

REX Control System online debug

For more information please visit REX Control System website.

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